Salamat! Thank You!

Maraming Salamat!  Thank you very much!

38th Annual Sariling Gawa Youth Conference – March 23-25, 2018

Sariling Gawa expresses heartfelt appreciation to the dedicated and committed 2018 conference staff composed of the PROGRAM COMMITTEE, BARANGAY LEADERS, and SUPPORT STAFF. Their grand sense of volunteerism and loyalty has made this 38th annual conference another memorable and meaningful event for the delegates, and more importantly, for themselves. We congratulate and salute these young leaders!

Sariling Gawa Youth Council is deeply grateful to the many alumni and friends who have donated generously to allow SG to actively and positively influence the lives of Filipino youths and young adults in Hawaii. We also sincerely appreciate the in-kind contributions of the individuals, organizations, and companies who have provided hours of volunteer service, goods, and resources toward the production of another successful conference.


3 Star Gourmet Restaurant II

Amy Agbayani

Miguel & Melen Agcolicol

Ernesto & Corazon Alegre

Gil & Cornelia Anguay

Dr. Belinda Aquino

Geordan Arenal

Toy & Corie Arre

Barbara Arthurs

Rudy & Noemi Arzaga

Milli & Lito Asuncion

Rico M. Asuncion

Romeo Asuncion

Edison & Sunshine Badua

Alice & Clyde Bailado

Marlon Balasan

Myrna Baptista

Marilyn & Alan Barayuga

Monica Batac

Shirell Bell

Olga Berzabal

Bernard Biscocho

Lorelei Bumanglag

Evanita Billon

Myrna & Cliff Burigsay

Madeline & Mario Cabalar

Cynthia C. Cabot

Gloria Camba

Sandra K. Claveria

Layvita & Efren Daguio

Michael Dahilig

Cecilia Alvarez Dalere

Patrick de la Cruz

Romel & Jodean Dela Cruz

William Domingo

Chris & Fe Dumlao

Erika Rachelle Dugay

Dustin Espiritu

Bryan Estoesta

Lana & Reynold Fernandez

Leon & Heather Florendo

Friends of Niki Libarios

Janet Galdones

Adrian & Lerina Galvez

Nicki Garces

Elton & Sarah Gemeno-Hing

Josenia Guerrero

Katrina Guerrero

Miriam Guerrero

Lea Gushiken

Patricia Halagao

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Jacinto

Melissa & Jeff Juliano

Melinda Kerkvliet

Antonia R. Lambayan

Bernie Ledesma

Conrad & Herminia Legaspi

Leialoha Chapter 3 OES

Evelyn & Danny Llena

Laurie Luczak

Mia Luluquisen

Ashley Madela

Candace Madela

DJ Madela

Daryl & Noreen Madela

Joan Mastin

Andre Mejia

H. Wayne Mendoza

Mid-Pacific Chapter 10 OES

Merlinda Oania

Paalaa Kai Mini Mart

Wayland Quintero

Vicky Ramil

Christina Tandoc Ranan

Basil & Ruth Raza

Barbara Ann J. Saguid

Eric Saniatan

Wil Santos

Sigrid Sato

Zutchill Sato

Tammy Nguyen Snader

Trixia Soria & Michael Sana

Christopher Tabangcura

Julie Tabarejo

Roy Tilitile

Haydee Tolentino

Sonia & Eddie Topenio

Nena & Joe Vallejo

Rouel Velasco

Johnny Verzon

Adriano B. Vicente

Jenavee Viernes

Ethel Alikpala Ward